Q: What are Golden Girls Workshops?

A: A Golden Girls Workshop is the perfect place to learn about photography, improve your skills, make friends and shoot for fun! 

Q: What kind of workshops will be held?

A: All types, really! From newborns to editing, weddings to business, the sky's the limit! Golden Girls will have guest teachers for all subjects, so you truly will learn from the best in business. All levels of photography are welcome, and we'll have different workshops for every skill level. If you have a suggestion for a workshop, please contact us today!


Q: What are shootouts and stylized shoots?

A: Shootouts are where a group of photographers photograph something stylized, with or without models, at unique locations. Usually, shootouts are open to 20-25 photographers. 

A stylized shoot is a themed photo shoot, complete with models, props and more. These are a little more intimate so they are usually capped to 10 attendees or less.


Q: What benefits are there to attending a Golden Girls workshop?

A: Golden Girls Workshops are designed to help you improve your skills, build your portfolio and network. Although the workshop itself is going to amazing, you will also be invited into the Golden Girls community where you will find support from not only the instructors but all of the fellow attendees. Friends for life!

Q: I'm a photographer and would like to host a workshop, can you help?

A: Absolutely! We can help you plan, prepare, style and even promote your upcoming workshop. Please contact us for more information!