Talk Shop Thursday: Permits!

Talk Shop Thursday: What's the deal with Permits?

   Many venues, city parks and beaches are now requiring permits to use. The rates of these permits can go from $30-$500+ in some cases. Unfortunately it's becoming harder to find locations that are safe and free. It's pretty much impossible to shoot an any OC beach without a permit and a change of an hefty fine. Do some research on your locations be checking the city websites. Most will have a permit section right on their website, if you don't see it just give them a call. It's better to be safe then sorry. Also make sure that you are including the price in your session. Especially if the client picks the location! Choosing a permitted location isn't always a bad thing, you have a better chance of being the only photographer there. Sometimes the venues even give you special access to areas aren't available to the public. Not to mention, that your work would be unique and have variety that not all photographers have in their portfolio.

Here's a short list of locations with links to the permit information:

OC Parks $150.00/Year

Laguna Beaches $100/2hours minimum $50 additional hours

LA Arboretum $50.00/Day Up to 5 people

If you have a suggestion or would like to add to this list feel free to comment below.

We'd love to get a list going to help all local so cal photographers. 


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