The Ultimate Golden Giveaway!

All right, ladies and gentlemen. We are feeling mighty generous these days and we want to share some love with our awesome friends!

That's right! We are giving away some really cool stuff to you: our really cool followers!

Three prizes will be given and three winners will be chosen!

Here's what we're giving away: One 50mm/1.8 lens (Canon or Nikon, your choice!), One Kelly Moore Camera Bag, and 50% off admission to our upcoming Golden Getaway weekend retreat!

Enter using the gadget below.

Be sure to visit (and please LIKE) our Facebook page! Also, be sure to SHARE the image pictured at the top of this post (you can also find it on our Facebook page) or SHARE this very blog post for lots of extra entries! Share with your FB friends, IG followers or Pinterest pals! (Be sure to paste the link to all of your shared posts in the gadget above!) You can even share once a day! The contest ends February 16th!

So.... what do you want to win?! Let us know in the comments or on Facebook!

Good luck! Xoxo!

Golden Girls