Golden Girls Photo Walk // Union Station + Olvera Street // Downtown LA

In early July, Golden Girls hosted a photowalk in Downtown LA.  We met at beautiful Union Station.  We started by exploring Union Station, including the gardens and the Bus transit plaza.  Union Station opened more than 75 years ago and from here, you can take trains as far as Chicago, Seattle or New Orleans and they have awesome names like Sunset Limited and Coast Starlight.  The architecture left nothing to be desired.  Union Station has been featured in films like Blade Runner and the music video for Happy by Pharrell Williams. 

After visiting the train station, we walked to Olvera Street.  The first settlers of LA resided near Olvera Street.  Here, you can find the oldest house in LA, and a shady, tree lined market with lots of vendors selling crafts and great restaurants.  We finished our Photo Walk with lunch and margaritas.   Come join us for our next photo walk! Its always good to shoot for yourself and continue exploring your creative side with no limits. 


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